Are all your items unopened, authentic and original from Japan?

Yes! All our products are Authentic and originally from Japan. Second-hand is possible but only if it has been specified USED or Opened.

Are you an Officially Partnered with Authentic Manufacturers?

We only sell authentic items and we source directly from Good Smile Company authorized wholesalers.

Can I still purchase the items that show Out of Stocks or order on demand?

Items marked as “Out of Stock” could no longer be ordered. Items with "Order on Demand' status are currently out of stock but customers could request a search for these items

What does the "Notify Me" button in product page do?

It is a function that notifies customers 3 days before the pre-order deadline of a Pre-Order item. It will notify customers through email when it has 3 days left to pre-order the Pre-Order item.

I want an item that I don't see on your website. Can you get it for me?

We offer Search on Demand for customers for items that are not listed on our site. Please contact us and provide details of the item you’d like us to search for.

How long will I get my items after release?

It takes a total of 7-10 business days for released items to arrive at our warehouse and us to process these orders. On top of that, SAL shipping takes another 7-14 business days, while EMS shipping takes another 2-5 business days.

How does the reward points work?

Reward point could only be earned when customers placed an order with as member instead of a guest. Points earned can be used in the future orders. 1 point equals 1 USD.

Pre-Order Questions

Where can I see the pre-order deadline for each product?

Pre-order deadline for each product is listed on the item page.

How does Partial Payment work?

Partial Payment offers customers as option to make a deposit for Pre-Order items instead of paying in full when placing an order. It is a way to secure orders without having to put in a large chuck of money for Pre-Order items. Portion of the deposit will be 30% of the total order amount.

When do I have to pay for the remaining 70%?

Customers who made partial payments would be notified in settlement of the remaining balance about 2 weeks before the release of the items, so we could process customers’ orders smoothly and ship them out once the items arrived at our warehouse.

Is it a guarantee that you will not cancel my order after placing my pre-order?

Most of the time, orders with pre-order items would not be cancelled. However, items with limited or uncertain supply would not be guaranteed a successful order placement and are subject to reduction or cancellation.

Can I cancel my pre-order and get refunded?

It is stated on the Terms of Use, which customers have to agree before using our service, that “[p]ayments and purchases may not be cancelled by you, except as required by law”. However, it is indeed a case-by-case basis regarding to whether customers can get refunded for their orders. Please contact us if you have the need to cancel your order, but please note that the 30% advance will not be refunded.

Will I get a notice after my items are shipped?

Customers will be notified with order status. Please login to keep track of your order status. If you checked out as a guest and would like to create an account for better order status tracking, please contact us for assistance.

The pre-order is closing but I don't have the money yet, can I make an exceptional case?

It is a case-by-case basis whether customer will be offered an exceptional deal by paying a fraction of the 30% deposit in securing their order. Please contact us for assistance.

I checked out as Guest when I placed my order. Can I create an account and have my order added under my account?

We can help add the order to your newly created account. Please inform us if you would like to do so. After adding the previously placed order to the newly created account, please check if the billing and shipping address are correct since the system uses the addresses you entered when creating the account as default address for your previously placed order.

Payment Questions

What are the available payment methods?

Paypal (all major credit/debit card) due to security reasons, other payment method might be available if you contact us directly.

I want to pay for the remaining 70% balance for my order but the system charges me 100% instead, what should I do?

There was a system error that would remain the pending amount in full instead of 70% for partially paid orders. We have fixed this bug and orders placed after Feb 6th 2018 would not be affected. For customers who made partially paid orders before Feb 6th 2018, please contact us for settlement of your orders.

Can I apply multiple coupon codes on one order?

Only one coupon code could be used per order.

Can you lower the declared value for custom?

We do offer this service. Please state the desire value to be declared in the comment section when placing the order. However, please beware that when undervalued packages were damaged or lost in delivery, customers would not be able to be fully covered; and by agreeing to undervalue the package, customers agreed to take this risk.

Payment Shipping Questions

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. Please contact us if you have trouble finding an available shipping option for your destination.

What should I do if I moved to a new address?

Please contact us and provide new information. We will edit the order details for you.

How do I change the shipping method for existing orders?

Please contact us and provide your order number. We issue an invoice or refund for the price difference. We will then edit the order details for you.

How many days should I expect for delivery?

It takes 2 business days for us to process your order. On top of that, SAL shipping takes another 7-14 business days, while EMS shipping takes another 2-5 business days.

Why my item still hasn't been shipped after its official release date?

It takes 7-10 business days for released items to arrive at our warehouse. Sometimes release dates of items were postponed. Please contact us for an update if you are unsure.